Friday, April 8, 2011

Sexual Privacy

Melby, Todd ( 2010 May) Sexual privacy in the digital age. Contemporary Sexuality, Vol.44, issue 5,
p.1-11. Retrieved from EBSCOhost


With the help of the internet, people can post any picture or video they want online. Once the post is made, it can back fire and cause a lengthy legal battle. For instance this article talks about if a couple decides to get a divorce and one wants child custody and the judge finds a nude or sex video of one of the parents. The other parent will usually get custody of the child.  Sexting has become a major issue as well.  People who send intimate or naked pictures through texting don’t think about the consequences. The other person receiving the text could easily post that on to the internet and the other person would be put through a lot of shame. People have to be especially careful in today’s digital world.

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